Town Office

 Hours: Mon 2-6
Thurs 9am-1

  ph  (802) 388-2266

  fax (802) 388-0012

  Town of Ripton
  PO Box 10
  1311 Route 125
  Ripton, VT 05766




Asst. clerk/treasurer:

Zoning admin.:


Ron Wimett 388-7346

Listers - general:





General duties: General supervision and control over town; enacts ordinances, regulations, and policies for the town; oversees town property and personnel; prepares, presents, and manages budget; oversees roads, including laying out, discontinuing and classifying roads. Read more.

Membership: Ripton's selectboard has three members; one member is elected every town meeting election day for a three year term.

Meeting schedule: Every second and fourth Mondays of the month at 7:30pm at the town office. Changes to the regular meeting schedule will be posted five days in advance; special meetings (meetings called in addition to the regular schedule) require 24 hours notice. All meetings are open to the public. Contact the Selectboard Clerk for information and addition to the agenda.

Contact the selectboard about: Road issues, town budget, town meeting, property tax rate, town buildings & grounds, ordinances & policies, animal control.

Phone Email
 Laureen (Laurie) Cox, chair 388-7820
 Ronald (Ron) Wimett
 Perry Hanson
· ·
 Selectboard Clerk, Alison Joseph



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