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  Town of Ripton
  PO Box 10
  1311 Route 125
  Ripton, VT 05766




Asst. clerk/treas.:

Zoning admin.:


Ron Wimett 388-7346

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Planning Commission

Historic District Commission

Zoning Board of Adjustment


In Ripton, these three boards are served by the same members. Alternates sit to replace absent members when required to maintain a quorum.

General duties: The planning commission provides land use planning for the town. The zoning board of adjustment (ZBA) rules on applications for variances from the zoning bylaw and on conditional use applications, and serves as an appeal body for decisions by the zoning administrator. The historic district commission provides guidance on external changes to properties in Ripton's historic district. Read more.

Membership: Appointed by the selectboard for a 2-3 year term.

Meeting schedule: The planning co6mmission meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the town office. The ZBA and historic district commission meet as needed; date, time and place will be posted. All meetings are open to the public.

Minutes: Meeting minutes available for review at the town office or from the commission chair.


Phone Email
 Warren King, chair 388-4082
 Alison Joseph, vice chair 388-4208
 Jorene Doria, secretary 388-6689

 Charles Billings 388-1634
 Marlene Harrison, alternate · ·
 James Kater, alternate · ·
 Amy McGlashan, alternate 388-7080 ·
 Leonard Tiedemann, alternate · ·



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